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"Dognapping' or 'Getting Grover'

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Author Topic: "Dognapping' or 'Getting Grover'  (Read 356 times)
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« on: March 17, 2009, 04:57:26 pm »

This is a scene we did to get Grover...Does this mean I can't be a cat burgular any more?

   The Neapolitan Mastiff is a serious, powerful looking dog. It is muscular with a rather rectangular body, massive head, and wrinkled face. The facial wrinkles continue under the chin and down the neck to form a prominent dewlap. The skull is broad and flat on top, and the nose is large. The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite.
   The short, harsh coat is dense and smooth, a blue in color. The color is solid and shows no breaks over the huge body. The neapolitan mastiff has a loose, rolling, cat-like gait.
   This dog is of an unusually larger size. While perfectly formed the dog has to weigh nearly 300 pounds.

Logging Started:  3-17-2009  4:32:49 AM
  Zid's Used Ships - Lobby - Boros                                   =>Boros<=
   A little shack sits off to the corner, where those that work in this used ship yard spend their day when they aren't trying to make a sale. In the distance you can see them: Hulking masses of glory that was, and for the most part is no more. Nearly every kind of transport can be seen back there and even a fair amount of beat up capital ships. But they sure don't look space worthy any more for the most part.

   Night has already fallen on Boros, and most shops have closed down for the night, including Zid's Used Ships. There is one similiarity across each of the junk yards - junk yard dogs. Dogs that have been through only who knows what in order to be trained in order to bark, growl, bite at anything that comes near the gated property. The sound of their barking could be heard each time that someone passes by one of the fences. Zid's Used Ships is not different from the rest, infact there's a rottwieler standing near the fence, staring out at the darkness with its hackles slightly raised up.

   Twitch walks along the fence with Elric chatting companionably, free to be herself with no one else around. Suddenly she stops and holds up her hand "Shh! Think I hear something. Over there somewhere." and points towards Zid's. <English>

   "I wonder when Zid started selling livestock. Did you see that. It was a grey shape." Elric moves closer to the fence to take a look at what it might be. "What did ya hear Twitch?" His voice has dropped low as not to carry beyond the pair. <English>

   The rottweiler's head instantly pivets towards the direction of the two individuals walking along side the fence. His paws instantly hit down onto the ground as loud barking and growling comes from him. He even makes a point to hit his front paws against the fence to attempt to get Twitch and Elric away.
   Another rottwieler comes running from somewhere in the used ships yard, a bit bigger than the other, but still having the same violent tendacy. There is one thing about this dog that isn't like the other, his muzzle is covered in blood but doesn't appear to be his own. There's a few cuts along the rest of his bodybut not bad in the least.

   "Sounded like a a dog whimpering. Hurt maybe. See anything?" As the dog hits the fence she stands her ground "Down!" she says in a commanding voice....her 'horsie be good' voice actually and looks him square in the eye. "Hope that is a good  fence." she mutters so softly that it is definitly intended for Rats ears. <English>

   "Something is hurt in there. It could be anything." Elric walks along the fence to the gate of the yard. "Damn I wonder if anyone is about or just these dogs?" He looks in trying to catch another glimpse of the form he saw earlier. 
"Twitch I may end up doing something stupid before this is over." He shakes his head. "Maybe we should let it ride." He considers the two dogs and the possibility of trouble. <English>

   The usual glint within a dog's eye and the behaviour that comes from a stern voice and a command is not present. The rottewilers continue growling, barking, and hitting their paws against the fence. Even to the point that they follow the two individuals.
   A sharp cry of an animial - sounding like a dog - pierces through the air towards the back of the yard.

   Twitch walks along to the entrance of Zid's to see if she sees a light that might indicate a human guard or at least a comm number for emergencys. No luck on either count. Looks like Zid dosen't like to be bothered at night. "Wonder if these are the only two dogs? If so got an idea. I can raise cain here and you leave, circle around that next building and try to get at the back. Maybe you can get a better look and ifn no cameras get over or through the fence. Anyone comes, I'll say was tryin ta raise a guard." <English>

   Elric nods as Twitch takes her place. "Good idea." He steps back into the darkness and begins to try and take advantage of the dark to move toward the back of the yard. He takes his time but still hits a bit of metal that seems to scream into the night as it moves. It isn't that loud but Rat freezes in place to let the moment pass hoping the dogs will go with the visible and noisey target and forget him. <English>

   One of the rottwielers' turn their head into the direction of the metal but instantly goes back to the visible target - twitch.

   Twitch rattles the gate hard, making as much noise as she can with it to attract the dogs. She counts on her quick reflexes to keep her able to draw away if one hits the gate too close. A low growl emanates from her throat to further incite the mutts. She knows most places wouldn't have a motion sensor on the gate when the dogs are loose to avoid false alarms every time the dogs happened to hit it trying to get at passers by or a stray rabbit. Keeping the dogs attention and covering any noise from the back is the name of the game here. <English>

   After a moment Rat continues to move closer to the fence an the noise beyond it. He tries to follow the sound to the closest point moving quietly and staying hidden as best he can. Taking advantage of the shadow and moving quietly, and a bit more carefully, he moves on toward the yard. <English>

   Elric continues along the fence and keeps an eye out for other dogs or problems that might be in the way. Whatever it is he hasn't caught sight of it yet, but he continues the investigation leaving Twitch to see to the distraction of the dogs  at the gate. <English>

   Twitch glances around to make sure she has drawn no undue attention other that the dogs and kicks the gate to make it rattle. Movement can be a key as well so she does about a ten foot dash one way and about the same amount to the other side  of the gate, running her bracered wrist along the fence. <English>

   The two rottewieilers are even going more bezerk on Twitch, barking, growling, biting at the fencing as they pound their front paws against the gate.

   What Elric sees: Behind a broken down LRS there's a massive amount of.. dog.. Bigger than most breeds even reach, but this is one of the rarities within the mastiff breed. About the size of a miniature horse, and a coat of gray. The dog looks  rather injured, laying on his side with a few whimpers and panting breaths. His entire body is covered in bites and scratches, some fresh and some slowly healing.

   Elric notes the dog is both hurt and not hanging with the others. The alpha Rott with the fresh blood on his face probably is trying to keep this one down or kill it. Elric considers for a moment and sighs softly. He looks at the twist that hold the fence to the pole, if that is how they are secured, or some other way to loosen or cut the fence to get through. <English>

   Dancing with dogs is the name of the game still. Evidently no human guard about or he would have been outside checking even if he was drunk. Growls and rattled, kick and shake. A pretend leap as if to try to climb the fence but not  really. Just keep the mutts attention. <English>

   Elric gets the two lowest wires loose and rolls under the fence with hardly a sound and heads over to the wounded animal. He looks at it and furrows his brow at the size of the dog, the biggest he had ever seen. He pets the animal softly if it lets him and tries to drag it toward the fence. That is when he realizes the animals true weight. "Oh gou shi(crap)." he whispers into his comm. "Too damn big to move." He looks for something to roll the animal onto like a sheet of canvas. <English>

   Twitch hears Elric on their private channel with disbelief, though she doesn't stop the noise. "You shittin me. You can't lift a dog?" She pauses a moment then continues on the Stainless channel, "You go under or over the fence? If ya went  over, good luck, if ya went under, roll him on yer jacket an drag him." <English>

   Elric reaches into the LRS and pulls a cover off one of the seats. Laying it out, and with a bit of work rolls the massive dog onto it. One the dog is secure he pulls the sheet toward the fence. He props the fence up high and starts to drag the beast under hoping the ruckus Twitch is raising has the Rotts well entertained. <English>

   If anything Twitch intensifys her act in case the dog yelps or something. "Tell me when yer out and I'll go get the MULE if he's that heavy." she says over the icomm. <English>

   Elric fastens the fence back in place to make sure the other dogs don't get loose. "I'm clear Twitch. We are going to need the mule and a vet. Damn I wonder if Jules would mind!" He begins to try and stop the bleeding or slow it. <English>

   With a "Roger that." Twitch takes off at a trot back to the ship. Once there she hightails it to the medbay and grabs some packs of bandages and a stretcher. Back at the cargo bay she lowers the MULE from it's suspended position and unhooks the rigging before putting the gear she had gathered aboard. She hops in and tears down the ramp and off into the night towards Zid's. <English>

   Elric waits with the dog and keeps quiet till Twitch arrives. He speaks softly to the dog and tries to comfort it as best he can till the help arrives. He is bentover and practically hidden as the MULE comes out of the night from the direction of the port. "Twitch I'm over here." He waves and speaks into his iCom. <English>

   If he had not waved she might have missed Elric in the dark, as she runs along the back of the junkyard without lights so as not to draw attention. She tosses the stretcher down, grabs the bandages and jumps to the ground. She comes to a halt as she sees the animal on the sheet, "Holy shit! That a baby elephant?" she asks as she once more moves over to the two. "Good thing I brought the stretcher." She holds out the bandages to Rat. <English>

   Elric bandages the dog the best he can. "I think I'm gonna call him Grover." He says and begins to work the beast onto the stretcher. "Where did this thing come from?" He asks as the animal is loaded onto the mule with Twitchs help on the stretcher. "He must weigh 300 pounds!" <English>

   Twitch braces and strains as she helps lift the stretcher. Good thing she is strong. "Thank goodness we can use the cargo rigs to lift him out of here." She says as she jumps to the controlls and starts the MULE. "You stay back there and keep him steady." As soon as Rat is set, she spins the MULE and takes off towards the port. <English>

   Elric sits with the pooch and keeps him steady as possible. "How could they have let him get in this state." Usually not one for animals something in Rat has reached out to this one. "We need to get Jules out here to look him over. Definately a he from the look of things." The joke is given as the mule approaches the ship. <English>

   Twitch heads the MULE up the ramp, shuts it down and bails. She hits the control for the ramp and raises it then goes to rig the winch to lift the stretcher. After the dog is unloaded she goes to try to roust out Juliet. "Didn't take time ta call doc with ya sittin out there and if she'da know we were bringing a dog she would have hightailed it." <English>

  Mercury - Cargo Hold                                             =>Mercury<=
   The cargo bay only has room for 100 tons of cargo. It has a rear-load configuration, the boarding ramp lowering to the aft of the ship. On either side of the boarding ramp, a short flight of metal stairs leads to the heavy pressure hatches dividing it from the crew area. Against the port bulkhead near the foot of the stair is a console. It contains the security monitor as well as the controls for the boarding ramp, airlock, drop-hatch, and the overhead cargo handling equipment.
     Forward, in the center of the bulkhead, is a short metal stair to the pressure hatch of the cockpit. On either side are storage lockers and work tables.
   The major portion of the bay is kept clear for cargo, broad yellow and black hatched lines on the dark grey steel deck delineating the safe walkways and the position of the drop-hatch. Overhead are steel tracks with the sliding winches for handling heavy cargo. The small hover mule is also suspended above and secured to keep it out of the way until needed. Lights are covered with protective grills and adjustable in intensity. There are also red emergency lighting and security cameras.
   One feature is somewhat rare. Two circular viewports of considerable size are positioned on the starboard and port bulkheads towards the aft, just before the boarding ramp, granting a remarkable view.

                              Harpoon Viewport                             
                  The ship is landed at Boros ľ Spaceport

(EDIT: At this point scene was suspended for a short time till Juliet could join us and then continued.)

   To one side of the cargo bay a couple of large crates have been slid together to form a table of sorts and covered with a sheet. A stretcher is propped to one side against the bulkhead. Something large, grey, and furry lays on top of the makeshift table. We are talking *large*. Twitch and Elric stand to either side with a basin and gauze sponges trying to clean away blood and dirt. <English>

   "I don't know what kind of dog this is but I have ~never~ seen one this big." Elric says as he works gently with the wet gauze. He talks low as not to upset the hurt animal. "I hope Juliet can get here soon. He would have died in that lot." Elric actually seems concerned about the big canine. <English>

When the call was heard, well Juliet did come, taking a shuttle and bringing with her her medkit. The kit is strapped over her shoulders so she can still walk with her pair of canes unencumbered. As she gets to the top of the ramp she looks first to Twitch and Elric, "Where is the patient...Is Aeddan Alri..." Her words stop as she notes the grey beast on the boxes. "What is that?" She says with a note of disdain already in her voice. <English>

   "You know she is going to kill us for this." Twitch says as she gently works on the animal. She looks up as Juliet walks in with a sheepish and 'I'll go hide now' grin. "I know your a people doc and don'tlikeanimalsbutwecouldn'tfindanyoneelse." Twitch pauses and continues more slowly, "We rescued it. It will die if it isn't treated fast." <English>

   "Juli we need your help here. It's a dog, yes, but he's bleedin out." Elric looks at Jules shrugs slightly. He knows how she feels about animals, but can't help it at this point. "This is too fine an animal to let die out of neglect." He puts his case to Juli and waits to see how she is going to respond to this. <English>

   Grover whimpers in pain as he tries to move a bit. <English>

Juliet just looks at the 'thing' under the sheets, not making any move toward it but at least not backing away...but that could be because that kind of stuff is hard these days. Then they are begging her and then the whimper. In the end she is a doctor, and it is a patient in need of care. Her jaw tightens and she looks up to the pair of them, "I need a stool to sit on, fluids and drip line and the largest IV catheter we have..." She shakes her head helplessly, "I am not a veterinarian and I hope this is not an indication of my future service here." She says tersely as she heads over to the patient, "Oh and a surgical gown..." <English>

   "You are an angel, Juliet! We can help with some of it maybe if you tell us what to do." With that she heads up the stairs to the med bay and is back a few moments later with a stool that she reaches down to Elric before heading back to the  med bay for more stuff. <English>

   "Don't forget clippers to shave the wounds." He says and pauses to look at Juliet. "Thanks Sweetcheeks. I always knew ya had a good heart." Elric holds the big head down gently and strokes the wide brow just incase he should start whil Juli is  working. "Look at the size of him. Gotta be some kind of freak." The words are calm and casual. <English>

   Grover pants tiredly and lies still under the lights of the cargo bay. He seems to know he is better off than he was somehow. <English>

   Not sure about which 'fluids' Juliet meant she comes back down with a tray ladened with the required items and a bag of Saline, Ringers, and Dextrose. She sets them donwn on a tall crate close to the 'table'. "We didn't give him any medicine for pain or antibiotics. We probably would have killed him. Just tried to clean him up a bit." <English>

"Too right you are going to help with this." Juliet responds tersely to Twitch as she settles down on the stool and removes the sheet. "I hardly know what drugs I can use on this beast...get me a veterinarian on a link at least if you can." She looks down at the mess that is dog and nods to Elric about the clippers, "Well if you can start clipping up the wounds if he will tolerate it, I will get the drip in...He has lost a lot of blood from the looks of him but there is nothing I can do but give him fluids to replace it." She looks over the offered fluids and takes the ringers to set up the drip. <English>

   Elric gets the clippers and begins to work carefully keeping an eye on the big head the whole time. He gently gets the wounds clean doing one after the other. His touch is light and sure. "Ok Juli I think I got this taken care of." He says with the same calm tones to his voice
   Grover starts at one point and tries to move but Elrics hand on the side of his head pushing down and a "No." seem to get him still again. <English>

   "Yes Juliet." Twitch says and starts to try to raise a vet for their 'hot' dog. Preferably one on the lightside of the planet that might be awake. Finally she suceeds and puts it on speaker for Juliet to talk with him. <English>

Juliet at least looks relieved when a real animal doctor is on the line and as she examines the dog she gives explanation to the vet on the other line. Resorting to old fashion medical lingo as they speak on the patient. As drugs are spoken of,  Juliet nods and repeats the orders to Twitch. Valium, thiobarbital, pennicilin...drugs that cross over and what she would have access to. Dose rates passed between them. Drugs are administered and the dog while not fully asleep is going to be far happier with what is going to be done to him. "Ok lets get these areas prepped and clean and I will start suturing them up...that I do know how to do." <English>

   Twitch helps Elric, cleaning the wounds gently as he shaves them. and trying to stay out of Juliet's way. She listens closely for any directions Juliet might give as normally she is at the 'bandaid' stage of first aid. <English>

Once an area is cleaned and prepped Juliet hesitates for a moment, still a bit horrified by the whole ordeal. Finally she does just get to it. Clamps are placed on bleeders, tied off and wounds sutured closed with the precision as if she were working on any human. Once she starts surgery...she really just goes in a zone where all that matters is the wound and nothing else. Oh there will be anger and reprcussions when they are done, but for now it is a surgeon and her surgery field. <English>

   "Did he say much when ya told him it was a dog at 275 pounds?" Elric asks as he holds the dogs head while the shots are given. "I do appreciate this Jules. I don't know why but I couldn't leave him out there." Keeping good control over the dog he lets the doc work and stays out of her way unless needed. "Twitch why dont you set up a folded mat or two next to the bridge stair." Rat suggest as he watches the work

   Grover flenches at the pricks of the needles and the work being done but is actually tolerant of things. He listens to Elric for now and stays calm, mostly spent, under the gentle hands of his new master. Heaven help the guy. <English>

   Twitch, her part finished, stands to one side and watches Juliet work. She has never watched a real surgeon at work and stares in fascination at the precision of her movements combined with a gentleness she didn't expect. When Elric says something about a mat she still keeps watching for a few moments before his words sink in. "Er...sure Elric." she finally says and tears herself away to make a bed for the animal, returning quickly so as not to miss anything. <English>

There is actually an air of calm about Juliet as she works that is never about her elsewise. This is her zen. No matter what is going on...putting order to disorder in the body...that is what gets Juliet's blood pumping, keeps her rising each day. As she moves around the dog, she rises briefly on one leg, before moving the stool with her hip and sitting down again further along. <English>

   There is little for Elric to do but talk low and calm to the animal as he strokes its head. "Take it easy. I've seen her put worse back together." Elric chuckls and smiles. "I think I'm going to call you Grover. Don't know why but that's it. If ya behave yourself we'll keep ya around. I bet ya'll like it more than that junkyard." He pauses and looks up to see if Juliet noticed. <English>

   Twitch would really like to kick Elric. He must have really gotten enamoured of the pooch to slip like that. Just what Juliet needs to know. That she is working on a stolen dog. Well the bastard that let something like this happen to an animal and not do a damn thing about it doesn't need a dog. Just have to be carefull about letting it out on Boros for a while. <English>

Well she didn't notice that the dog was stolen, but Juliet DID notice him saying that he was going to keep it around. Once she finishes up with the last wound she looks to Elric, "My daughter is not allowed to be around this beast, nor will I." She says as she rips off her gloves and tosses in the tray with the dirty swabs and other odds and sods. <English>

   "I don't blame you a bit Juliet. It's a strange animal and Grover needs to be looked over. Not only that but we don't know the temprament it has." Elric nods toward the palet made up for the dog by the stairs. "I plan to keep him in the hold  for now. Easiest place and sealable." He agrees with the doctor easily and doesn't seem bothered. "I'll probably keep an eye on him tonight. Just to be sure." <English>

   Grover, finally overcome by the drugs, drifts off for a bit of sleep. The drugs must have given him cotton mouth becasuse he smacks his dewlaped jaws and swollows. <English>

   "Thank you so much, Juliet. That was awesome." Twitch says in a hushed voice as the surgeon finishes. "We are going to be very carefull about who is around this dog. Especially till we know more about it. We can keep it in our quarters when  you are on board once he is strong enough to get up the stairs." she shakes her head "I know you are mad at us but we didn't know who else to call at this late hour. I don't know what to pay you. Would a thousand credits be alright?" <English>

"He will need a fresh bag about every eight hours or so and if it is not too much to ask, a proper animal doctor to look him over." Juliet says as she rips off her surgical gown and drops to the pile of other things. She looks between the pair of them for a moment and shakes her head, jaw set in a thin line before rising and grabbing up her canes. "Are your circus people of a reputible sort?" She finally asks out of the blue. Something she has yet to ask, but something has obviously forced the question. <English>

   "As far as we know they are. They are a strange bunch but I hear that is often true of entertainers." Elric considers for a moment and shrugs. "Mandrake seems more interested in the show than cargo or security. The few things we've moved for  them have been streight up. Why?" He asks curiously. <English>

   "We can take him to Santo now that he is stablized. I have a good vet there. We may keep him there for a while till he is srtonger. Better for him than the ship." Twitch checks the time and makes a note of it in her PDA and when the next bag is due. "Like Elric said, wierd but as far as I can tell so far about as straight up as most folks out here." <English>

"There was an attack on the clinic yesterday of what looked to be circus ...performers. Could well have burned the place down if it were not for the security. I just need to know Aeddan is safe and Ava with him when she is here." Juliet says in response seeming a bit unsettled by the incidence even as she is grabbing wipes from her bag to finish cleaning her own self up though none of her skin actually touched the creature. <English>

   "I hadn't heard anything about that. Looked to be circus?" Elric considers for a moment. "The Honour was down on Persephone getting refits yesterday. If it was them they would have had to pass through the ship yards. What makes you say circus? More than one ya know." He does seem interested in the news. <English>

   "WHAT!" Twitch says in surprise. "You alright though?" worry for one of the few people in the verse she actually considers a friend evident in her voice. "If any of these folks did it, I will probably shoot them myself!" There is a hard edge to Twitch's voice that Juliet has probably not heard before though Elric has. You don't mess with Twitch's rare friends. "I /will/ find out." Her voice cahnges once again to concern, "Let Elric help you up stairs so you can clean up and get comfortable. I'll fix you some tea and a bite to eat." <English>

"That is what was said around the office, some kind of circus freaks. Like...what you would think of as circus performers...but darker and twisted." Juliet responds with a shake of her head but looks up sharply as it is mentioned that the circus ship was on Persephone at the time, "Had any news come through the org pipes?" She asks the pair of them, looking one to the other. "I am alright, we have protocols at the clinic to deal with out of control patients. We see gunshot victims and drug addicts their, for those dangers we do have nearly as much security as medical staff." <English>

   "We were on Persephone as well yesterday." Elric tells Juli and leads toward the stairs up to the commons. Grover should be ok for now. "I didn't see or hear anything strange. I know Mandrake was with us a good part of the morning. Then he  went to talk to Sink at the shipyards about sensor upgrades. I moved the ship over there for him. Then he had a meeting with Sink about the work. Later he flew out to Osiris." He pretty much gives her a rundown on what he knows. <English>

  Mercury - Crew Area                                              =>Mercury<=
   The crew commons are comfortably sized for such a small crew. The color scheme is bright and earthy as a summer day, walls painted the golden tan of sun on ripe wheat and the deck tiled to look like stone. A couple of paintings of rural scenes add their touch. Lighting is adjustable and there are red emergency lights and security cameras.
   The forward bulkhead, between the two pressure hatches leading to the cargo bay, is devoted to entertainment with a large Cortex screen and shelves of books, games, puzzles, and players for music and movies to wile away the hours in the Black. Arranged before it are a long couch and a couple of chairs, all deeply comfortable and upholstered in deep green leather. A long coffee table of golden oak placed in the center.
   Along the port side are the captain's cabin and office, the galley, and the two crew cabins. The galley has plenty of storage, a small walk in pantry, and a small walk in freezer. The counter tops have the appearance of marble and the cabinets  of oak. An oval golden oak dining table with plenty of room for six is bolted to the deck in front of the counter area.
   To the starboard side are the officer's quarters, medbay, and head. Along the bulkhead between the officer's quarters and the med bay are a small table for games, doubling as a desk and a hydroponic wheel. The greenery and splashes of color from the plants adding to the outdoors feeling.
   At the aft is a pressure hatch leading to the engineering bay."
   "Can you get them to send me some of the security cam footage? We don't have anyone that sounds like that description but I would like to see if it looked like a disguise. We aren't too bad about gathering information and I have worked with enough types of make up that I might be able to tell." Twitch goes over and puts on the kettle for tea as she talks. "Of course even if they aren't with the show now, Mandrake is still hiring and they might show up." <English>

Juliet lets Elric lead her up the stairs, still supporting herself with a cane on her bad side. It is getting easier for her to move around but at this rate it may be a long time before she walks without a limp or a cane. As they move into the common area she releases his arm and settles onto a seat. "I will ask Mr. Lambsey to do such..." She shakes her head about them showing up, "That will not likely happen." <English>

   "I was on and off the Honour several times yesterday. Twitch was as well looking over their engines." Elric moves to the galley and liberates a DP from the cooler. As he moves back across the room he pops the top and takes a sip. He sets it  on the coffee table in front of the couch and gets a pillow for Juli to use to prop up her leg on. He slides this onto the table and then lifts her leg into place. "Least we can do for our merciful healer." He winks at her and takes a seat on the couch. "Twitch did you see anything strange while you were on the Honour?" He asks his XO and finally relaxes into the seat. <English>

   Twitch had scrubbed her hands well before putting on the kettle and now while the water heats she gets some chops out to the cooler and puts them in a pan to fry, sprinkling a few spices over them. She is not a fancy cook but plain farm fare she can do well enough. "Didn't see anything strange. The sensor upgrades were giving us trouble installing and even I had to kick in and help the techs. Think Mandrake and his doc had a dinner engagement or something. Soon as the Honour was done they took off to Kennedy's to pick up that load for Carmichael." <English>
Juliet gives Elric a look as he coddles her, "This is not going to make up for calling me in for that Dog you know?" She comments though she allows him to tend to her. The pain seems to be less these days, its just plain muscle and nerve damage that is hampering her walking efforts. She settles back into the couch and looks up to Twitch and nods, "It might not have been from your group...but well...seems odd." <English>

   Twitch is in the galley and the tea kettle is starting to whistle as the fragrance of frying pork chops wafts through the air. Late night dinner for the doctor and enough for everyone to keep her company. Elric tries to make Juliet comfortable on the couch as they talk. "Circus can be a good cover for a lot of things. Lots of make up used so crooks use to advantage by putting on a clown suit and robbing folks." <English>

   "But he is a nice looking animal isn't he. Wonder where I'm gonna find a collar." Elric winks at Juli and smiles. "What would make up for it? A thousand creds?" A pause is taken as he regains his soda and takes a sip from it. "You did me a favor and I don't want you to think I belittle your skills." He seems relaxed and at ease as he sits on the couch as well. <English>

"More like a freak show act then a clown show, but I do get the point. It was chaos and I only thought of getting to safety. Mr. Lambsey would give you more details...and I rather not worry Aeddan with this. Noone was harmed and the security  procedues put in place worked as intended." She rolls her eyes as Elric remarks on the quality of the creature sleeping off sedatives and surgery in the cargo bay. "At least Mr. least. I feel itchy just thinking of the creature. It is bad enough I have to deal with the beast at the clinic sometimes. (Leutrim's Alfred)" <English>

"What ain't I ta worry none abou'?" a new voice to the mix interrupts the crowd, "Is there anyone Ah need ta wrassle to tha' ground hereabouts?" Aeddan Li strolls into the common area, with a mug in hand - mayhap in search of some more caffeine for his blood stream. <English>

   "Well thank god for that." Twitch says as she reaches for a tea pot and cup. She turns as she hears Aeddan's voice, "Put on food and look who turns up! I got enough working for a midnight snack for you too, Aeddan." She prepares the tea and gets out one of the lap trays that are kept here in case someone is in the medbay. Putting the tea on it she takes it and sets it across Juliet's lap. <English>

   "Looks like the cat is out of the bag." Elric says as he offers another pillow for behind Juliets back. "Hey Aeddan. Ya might want to watch your step on the way to the bridge. I got a pet down in the hold. A pretty banged up dog Twitch and I found earlier." He tries to belittle things with a shrug. "Grover might not be in the best mood but he's tranq'ed for now." <English>

   Twitch plays with the chops for a moment and then gets out some potatoes from a bin and washes them, getting them ready to nuke. A can of vegetables isopened and put on to heat, bread and butter put on a plate and carried to the coffee table. Informal dining in the sitting area so Juliet won't be odd man out and besides it has been a long hard day and the lounge chairs and couch are softer. <English>

Juliet arches a brow as Elric gives her a pillow, then Twitch with the tea. "Alright, I forgive you for now...but...what a beast you had to call me for. I hardly have met men that large." She responds with a wrinkle of her nose. She isn't happy, but she isn't gonna hate them for it. As Aeddan walks in at such a 'perfect' moment she looks up to him, "Nothing, had a bit of a problem at the clinic, it is all resolved now." The scorch marks should be painted over by tomorrow surely. <English>

"If'n ye say so," Aeddan replies warily, eyeing Juliet with suspicion. He moves into the kitchen to pick up a cup of coffee before taking a seat near his betrothed.

"So a dog, eh?" he lifts a brow, "Ah volunteer no' pickin' up its shite..." his eyes twinkle. <English>

   "I think we may need a shovel for that." Elric chuckles and shakes his head. "Biggest gorram dog I've ever seen. Has to be near 300 pounds and 3 foot at the shoulder." the captain sips from his soda and sighs. "How much you figure he's gonna  eat Twitch?" Rat asks and chuckles again. "Note to self, buy stock in dogfood." <English>

   "Dog food hell! I think we start running cattle ocassionally. At least one cow has an 'accident' per trip and it is figured into the rate." Dinner starts to finally come together and she starts to dish it on to the platter and bowls. "Come and get it boys. Aeddan you can fix Juliet's plate." <English>

"And you are not to have Ava around it. Who knows what diseases the things are carrying...and that mouth...he could swallow her whole without taking a bite." Oh regardless that the biggest breeds usually are the most harmless of beasts. Juliet will not be convinced. Animals are harbingers of disease and danger. And now Cows brought in to feed the beast? She closes her eyes for a moment and just takes a deep breath before opening them and slipping her fingers around the teacup. <English>

"She will have ta learn how ta deal wit' animals o' all sorts at one time or 'nother, honey," Aeddan murmurs softly to Juliet, "You keepin' her away won' do her any favours." He grunts and rises from his seated position to play serving maid, leaving his coffee on the table. <English>

   "Well we don't know anything about the dog yet Aeddan. We're going to take him to a vet soonest. But that still doesn't tell about temprament. He was a junkyard dog." Elric gets up and goes to fix himself a plate. "Before ya get your hands full stick you head through the door and take a look at him. Just so ya know what we're talking about." The smile never leaves his face and he chuckles softly urging Aeddan to look. "Like I said Juliet we will keep a close eye on him till we get to know him." Picking up a plate he loads it and heads back to the couch. <English>

   Twitch sees that everyone is watered and fed before loading her own plate and heading over to take a seat. She picks up the bread and butter and takes some and passes it along. "We are heading to Santo after dinner so I can get him to my own vet. Probably have to set him up in a stall in the stable till he can move around alright. Besides he might not be housebroken. We almost never got him in the MULE and have had to use the cargo tackle to move him around since we have had him on board." <English>

Aeddan's response to her concerns, causes Juliet's mouth to open with surprise, "You have not seen the creature Aeddan...I will not have Ava near it..." She starts before Elric interjects and she settles back mollified for now. She nods to Elric as she settles down once more. She looks up to Aeddan, "I am has just been a long day." She beckons him over to join her on the couch. <English>

<OOC> Twitch says, "Sorry to fade Juliet. Noticing I had been on for 19 hours and 56 minutes put me to sleep."

(EDIT  At this point it is nearly 5AM our time and with a couple more pose outs the scene fades to black.)

   Elric takes his plate and stands. He grabs his soda as well and heads toward the stairs. "I'm gonna go keep an eye on Grover. You two have a good night." He smiles and nods to Twitch and then Juliet. <English>

   finishing her dinner Twitch stands and straightens things up before heading to the cargo bay. "I will clean up the doggy surgery, Juliet. You have a good rest and...Thank you again." <English>
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