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Author Topic: Twitch  (Read 344 times)
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« on: February 24, 2009, 04:51:29 pm »

***This is OOC information. No metagaming off of it.***

What she looks like (most of the time)

     Average in height at 5’ 5”, this is so average and plain a young woman that you may hardly notice her. Straight, dull, mouse brown hair falls to her shoulders and the front is held back on the right side by a dull brown plastic clip. Her eyes are hazel, changing color with the light, and if close attention is paid to them, they don’t seem to miss much. It seems an average face with no makeup to try to give it any life or color. The expression is usually dull and quiet. Not stupid, mind you, just seeming to have a lack of interest in anything.
     At the risk of being redundant, she has an average figure for a woman her size. She wears a long sleeved shirt of a dark grey color, loose fitting and buttoned to the top. A light sleeveless jacket of soft black leather is worn over it. A pair of black leather bracers are worn on the wrist, reaching halfway up the forearm. They are mostly covered by the loose, uncuffed shirt sleeves. Loose pants the same color as the jacket are belted at the waist with a black leather gunbelt belt holding a pair of Eagles. Black, scuffed, soft-soled leather boots are on her feet. A HK MP7 may be slung from a strap.

Background information

     Twitch was born Lisa May Twitchel on the dustball known as Ezra in 2499 to May and Warren Twitchel. Part of a shipload of settlers sent to Ezra to help colonize it, they scraped a precarious living out of the dryland farms south of the main port on the planet.
      Everyone had chores to do, even the littlest and when her brother died of a fever when she was nine she gained a share of his. She learned to shoot and hunt the scarce game in the area. One bullet equals something for the pot was the rule she had to learn to live up to quickly. She liked being by herself on the hunt, the quiet of the drylands with it’s sparse vegetation and rugged ground presenting a challenge. She learned to hide, move quietly, and blend into her surroundings.
     During the war, her father stayed at home knowing his wife and small child could not manage without him. The farm was a part of a tiny community of very religious settlers. Their faith was all they had to sustain them during the hard times quite often. She was raised to be a quiet, sober child, polite and quick to do as ordered.
     When she was eighteen she was out on a hunt when she thought she heard many shots off in the distance toward town. She headed that way to find out what was happening. On entering the little place she saw the bodies of half a dozen people sprawled about in the street and on the wooden sidewalks with other folks slowly starting to come out from cover to go to aid them if possible. A gang of drunken thugs had ridden in, shooting up the town and robbing the few small stores. Both of her parents were among those gunned down.  
     After the funeral, unable to run the place herself, she sold it to a neighbor and went to live in the poor section of the big city near the spaceport. A shocking change for the young girl, she soon started to learn to live by her wits. She stayed on the fringes of the gang ridden culture, learning to keep herself quiet, plain, and unnoticed. Her hunting skills were surprisingly helpful. The small amount from the sale of the farm did not go far so she soon found that if one were clever there were all sorts of things that could be acquired when no one was looking. She also learned that knowing things about someone or something could bring a good price if you could find the right buyer. Her skills with a gun also saved her neck and ‘other’ things more than once. She had to become hard and resourceful very quickly, her memory and quick reflexes helping to survive the harsh life of the port.
      Later, time on a tramp cargo ship taught her some of the skills to patch the decrepit vessel and later even to fly her when the pilot was too drunk. Well it’s 2523 and she is looking for work, chasing the credits that will buy her out of this life that she almost hates.


     A hired gun, information gatherer, anything that can be begged, borrowed, or stolen and sold to the highest bidder, that has been her for quite a while now She does envision the day she doesn’t have to be that way and can go back to being the nice person her folks told her she should be...but ya gotta be rich to do that or end up dead and forgotten in a desert somewhere.
     She can be very nice and proper, thoughtful of others. That is the real her before her life went to hell in a handbasket. Now she can smile and joke and plan something really dastardly to do to you. She has a hot temper which she works at controlling unless it is needed and if backed into a corner, she will kill you or die trying. She takes all her jobs seriously, no matter if it is the job she appears to have or the one she has going in the background somewhere.
     Her goal is maybe still somewhat immature but it is to make enough money that she doesn’t have to take shit from anyone anymore. Alliance, browncoats, gangsters, and pirates are all the same to her. All trying to push you around and use you for their own ends. Folks with lots of money don’t seem to have that problem. They are the users.
     Always she hones her skills at using weapons and the street skills that help keep her alive and below the law officer’s radar. She knows just enough about ships to get one off the ground and to her destination and repairing one if needed. She wants to find out how to do things that will keep her alive and eventually rich.
     Definitely a loner, though she will team up if she sees a profit in it or it puts her in a position to do something that she wants to do. Sometimes you need a ‘friend’ to get things done or cover your ass.
     Raised in a god-fearing family, Twitch is basically good deep down, but life after her family were killed changed some of that. Living in the crime-ridden capitol city on Ezra taught her that to survive you had to compromise...sometimes a lot. Though she can be loyal to the very rare people she calls friend (and means it) she looks out for what is in her own interest. If that takes bending or even breaking the rules to do so, well then so be it. If someone dies...OOPS! Not that she is a wanton killer, she just looks out after her own hide first.

     More up to date...Twitch is a partner in the 'Mercury' as well as now having an estate on Santo (though no one knows about it except her partner, Elric, so far). No bountys or warrants and finally she can go legit...Well as legit as you can go in hard times. Now she can maybe use those skills for the benefit of others. Of course most folks won't know her more than that 'plain jane gunsel' but thats alright too.

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